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This technique creates a soft pixelated effect, almost like using a powdered eyeshadow through the eyebrows.

This concept involves pigment being deposited safely into the skin. We can tailor the amount of saturation of pigment to suit you. This means that we can also use this technique to help blend according to your natural hair and skin colour, and you can decide how dark you would like the end result to be.

This technique suitable for any kind of skin type. It is especially suited to clients with darker skin tone and oily skin types. Oily skin types can cause hair strokes to blur over a period of time, due to oils within the skins, however, the treatment can be touched up to maintain the tone that best suits your face.


Nano brows are semi-permanent makeup. The aim is to achieve the look of hair strokes to create hyper-realistic eyebrows. To create Nano strokes, a specialised machine used. If differs from microblading, which is done using a manual handheld tool to create hair strokes.

Nano brows last up to 2.5 years depending on individual clients skin. It is suitable for all skin types.



Microblading is manual skill of semi-permanent eyebrow drawing. This technique takes significant skill to implant the pigment on to the surface layer of the dermis by using a manual sterilised tool.

The pigment is chosen to match the natural colour of the hair or eyebrows. After healing, the colour may become several hues lighter that the natural hair colour, so we aim to account for this at the time of application. Hair strokes are always drawn in the direction of natural hairs' growth to achieve a natural look.

The treatment requires a pre-consultation. Skin Testing is very important to make sure no allergic reaction occurs with the products, the pigment or the numbing cream.

Treatment time is 2 to 3 hours. After 6-8 weeks you will need to have a second treatment to achieve optimal results.

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