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Fat dissolving, also known as injection lipolysis or intralipotherapy, is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that targets stubborn fat deposits. Here's a rundown:
What it does:
⦁ Aims to reduce pockets of fat resistant to diet and exercise.
⦁ Targets areas like chin, abdomen, thighs, arms, and flanks.
⦁ Used for body contouring, not weight loss.
How it works:
⦁ Involves injecting a solution containing substances like deoxycholic acid (a bile acid).
⦁ This solution disrupts the membranes of fat cells, causing them to break down.
⦁ The broken down fat is then naturally eliminated by the body through the lymphatic system.

Recommend areas for fat dissolving
Underarms, forearms
Abdominal region, ribs (love handles)

Two types of products available

1 LipoLab is one of the safest and most effective fat dissolving products in existence today. It offers fast subcutaneous fat removal. It fights obesity in two main ways – by speeding up metabolism and melting the fat tissues in a natural and health-friendly manner. This PPC (Phosphatidyl Choline) solution can also increase the elasticity of the skin and remove cellulite.
• High purity PPC (German origin: purity 99.8%)
• Sodium Deoxycholate (Japanese origin : purity 98%)
• Particles of 50~70 nanomicrons, a size smaller than a cell
• Special Sterile Technology (odorless, non-pigmental, sterile technology)
Benefits of LipoLab Solution:
⦁ More efficacious, easier treatment and cheaper than liposuction surgery
⦁ Unlike existing methods such as mesotherapy which only reduces the size of fat cells, Lipo Lab PPC dissolves, destroys fat cells and exhausts them out of body through sweat, urine and internal combustion
⦁ Effective for removing cellulites and enhances skin
⦁ Promotes adipocytes

2 Lemon Bottle is a new advanced lipolysis solution for the face and body. Lemon Bottle is a high-concentration fat dissolve solution that combines Riboflavin (vitamin B2) and other premium ingredients that create fat decomposition by accelerating metabolism of fat cells.
Minimal swelling, minimal pain. Begins working immediately.
⦁ Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) – Vitamin B2 includes activation of fat metabolism
⦁ Lecithindestroys and transports unnecessary fat cells
⦁ Bromelain Ananas Sativus (Pineapple) helps to break down fat and reduce inflammation

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